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Learn About Wine Basics –  Guides For Beginners

Wine isn’t as simple as it might seem to be. Although this drink has been around for ages, there’s still a lot of unknown to the mankind.

There’s so many things to explore about this heavenly drink – its history, philosophy, taste, but also accessories, recipes etc. It requires a lot of knowledge to make, prepare and serve the perfect drink.

Our blog has many guides for beginners and informs you about everything that you need to know about wine, its varieties, preparation, pairing with the food, accessories, storage, taste, recipes and much more.

Whether you are a seller and just want to get to know the industry or buyer who needs a help with a decision and pick the best choice, you came to a right place.

Who are we? What is our mission?

Wineladybird was created by a group of people who are sharing a deep passion and excitement for wine, its peculiarities and everything that it represents.

We are hoping to ignite the same passion in others. Our mission is to provide informations to those who are interested to learn more about wine industry.

We offer informations for beginners, advanced readers as well as experts and experienced connoisseurs.

ladybird in nature – cartoon

We named our site after a beautiful little insect called ladybird, because we see it as a metaphor for human aspiration and growth.

When ladybird lands on your finger, it will always climb to the top. When it eventually end up on top and cannot go anywhere else, it’ll spread its wings and fly away.

If it comes back, it climbs to the top and take off again. We hope that you’ll find a lot of valuable informations on our site.

Become a ladybird and jump from one area to another until you accumulate enough knowledge to become apprentice and eventually expert with regards to wine, its quality, storage, accessories, taste, recipes and all that it has to offer.

Why did we start another wine blog?

Wine is something that defines aristocracy. If you look closely, you may notice that there isn’t a festival, meal or time of the year that doesn’t synchronize with it. This is something that can enhance each and every moment of your life.

For a long time, I was struggling to understand why certain types of wine tasted the way they did and why could two bottles of same brand with seemingly same etiquettes taste quite differently.

I didn’t even know the basics, but I fell in love and wanted to learn everything.

I was learning new things at a very slow pace, but little by little, I was getting better. I found out where to buy a good bootle and what temperatures are best for drinking.

Me and my wife are both passionate cooks and we discovered that certain types of wine pair much better with certain types of food.

Eventually, we joined a community of people that were holding meetings on a regular basis and they helped us to learn the most about wine that we know today.

We decided to start this blog where we could spread and expand upon our knowledge, keep you and our friends informed about the latest news and hopefully ignite the passion in others and hopefully get more people interested about this amazing industry.

What will you learn?

You will soon realise that there are some certain tips, ideas and practices that you must keep in mind for getting the best experience.

How to taste wine properly and develop your palate

Women drinking a glass of red

Tasting wine properly is a very important skill that you need to master if you are serious about this heavenly drink.

If you will not know the basics, you can’t actually feel the real essence of magic that is hidden in every bottle.

Trust me, this isn’t a very hard job. Just a few days of practice while keeping a few simple tips in mind and you’ll find yourself getting much more from every bottle you drink.

Raspberries with glassHow to make wine at home and its various recipes

There are hundreds of recipes and many preparation methods to make a perfect drink, but wines cannot be made by anyone.

Recently, it became very popular to make them at home. We have a whole section dedicated to homemade wine recipes.

We discuss what you need to be aware of, how to make the process effective, how to keep your equipment sanitised and stir properly, what are the most common mistakes and much more.

How to pick the best wine accessories

Wine is not a single entity and you can’t enjoy its ultimate taste without all the other factors that are related to it.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a starter with love for good wine and a basic collection, you can’t enjoy the best pieces without its great accessories.

Be it a cooler, opener, aerator or a purifier, all of them contribute to a winning tasting experience.

We help you pick the best wine accessories with valuable reviews, opinions and insights and help you understand all there is to know about your collection.

There is a lot more to this heavenly drink than just drinking it. You can find many articles that review the most popular models, what are its main features, how do they work and where to find the best prices.

Guide to non-alcoholic types

For a wine to be considered alcohol free, it can only contain up to 0.5 volume %. Most people still don’t give them a credit which they deserve and dismiss their quality without even trying them.

We think that there are many of them that deserve your attention and can become a nice addition to your collection. See our in-depth reviews for the best non-alcoholic wines out there.

Best reviews of wine accessories for 2017

Find reviews all kinds of that help you out to pick the best pieces for you to buy. Several factors need to be considered when you’re selecting your accessories.

You need to consider your budget, the composition of your collection and your own level of expertise. You also need to consider the longevity of products you choose and the value for money that you get.

Follow us for in-depth wine accessory reviews and read our blog for more tips and informations.


Accessory –single zone fridgeIn order to preserve the taste of every bottle, it needs to be preserved at the perfect temperature. Any slight change in temperature can affect the taste quite a lot.

Wine coolers (fridges) are types of refrigerator that are specifically designed for storing bottles of wine.

Don’t be fooled. This device is very different from a regular fridge that you keep in your kitchen. We wrote an extensive article about it.

It discusses many different types, criteria as well as our recommended models, places where you can find the best price a very valuable tips on what to avoid.

Aerators and Decanters

decantor accessoryWhen it comes to serving a perfect beverage, aerification is a very important process. It is a common misconception to believe otherwise.

If you are a wine lover, you had to come across a device called decanter. If not, you might heard people say “let it breathe”.

Most people don’t think about decanting, but let me tell you that it can make a huge difference in the overall tasting experience.

It may sound a bit scientific, but it’s just about pouring the contents of bottle to another glass container before serving. Wine has a chance to breathe and “opens up” while its taste gets better.

Apart from that, you might also heard about so called aerators. These devices became much more popular over the last few years and can “open up” wines just as good.

It involves an effective mixing of air and liquid. If you want to learn more about aeration and why it is useful, visit our article about aerators and decanters that we put together quite recently.

Glasses, openers and tasting kits

corkscrew accessoryWhen it comes to serving, these three pieces are the most important.

You cannot avoid them if you want to give your loved ones or customers great serving experience and making a great impression.

Glasses are what turns a good tasting experience into a sensational one. While opening a wine, you want the process to be as smooth and elegant as possible.

In addition to that, tasting kits are great instruments which help you improve your tasting skills.

It’s a good idea to have at least one of them and it doesn’t matter if your are a beginner, experienced enthusiast or a sommelier.

Wine gifts

There are various wine gifts for many occasions. They can be a pleasant surprise for causal meeting with your loved ones. Some gifts are just perfect to set the mood of any party.

Gifts don’t cover just nice premium bottles, but also various types of racks and holders, cork cages, stoppers, thermometers, funny glasses, chiller sticks and practical openers as well as some great pieces of gift sets that can excite any wine enthusiast.

Wine racks

wooden rack for storing bottlesAs you are getting more into this industry and have a few bottles here and there, you can’t just keep them in the drawer or on the table.

You need to store you little collection. There are many solutions that you can choose from, but racks have become much more popular over the last few years.

They suspend bottles in a perfect way and represent an ideal storage solution for those that do not fit in a cooler, or if you don’t have one, but planning to buy it in a future.

Many of them are very stylish and can be a great decoration to your home or cellar.


When producing wine, there might be an unwanted microbial contamination during the fermentation process. Microorganisms in form of anaerobic yeasts consume sugar and fructose from the grapes is being transformed into ethyl alcohol.ullo purifier

What can happen is that some other microorganisms present in the beverage start consuming the sugar as well and limited resources for yeast can lead to an alteration of fermentation process.

We can avoid those microorganisms by using sterile equipment, but that is not always possible. Most producers use sulfite and other preservatives that stops the biological activity of unwanted microorganisms.

hat is not ideal for consumption as it can lead to allergic and gastric issues. That’s when purifiers come in as they are being use for removing sulfites and other preservatives within the wine.

Read our guide and review of one of the best models on the market – ullo purifier (best sulfite removal device).

Brief history of wine

This heavenly drink took birth in the Middle East zone almost 6000 years ago in medieval times. Nowadays, it is available on every part of our planet.

It was discovered by the grape farmers when they kept some destroyed grapes in their harvesting containers.

ancient painting

They discovered that the flavour changed (due to fermentation) and when they tasted it out of eager, they found it to be too very good.

Organised manufacture began almost 5000 years ago in Mesopotamia and the commercial manufacture was started in Greece. The only official record is that of Greek dated 3500 years ago when they established vineyards.

Starting from cellars and sommeliers and going up to boxed wines and paint-and-sip parties, wine production and sell is facing massive leaps with the passage of time. Nowadays, we can walk into our favorite bar and choose from a wide variety of bottles to drink.

As scientists continue discovering the importance of drinking this sensational drink, more and more people are becoming interested in this beverage and what to learn more about it.

Amazing facts

  • World’s oldest bottle is approximately 1600 years old and is stored in German museum
  • China is the leading consumer of red types
  • The art of preservation was invented by monks in the mediaeval times
  • Drinking it regularly can improve your sex life
  • Color of drink can determine the geographical origin
  • Women get drunk faster from wine because of their water to fat ratio
  • Name of bottle usually indicate location or grape varieties
  • The invention of wine goes way back to 6000 years ago
  • Wine can never make you fat, even by the slightest bit

Nowadays, 90% of people drink it just for its heavenly taste, not being aware of the tremendous health benefits it has if consumed with restraint.

This drink is quite all known all over the world for preventing many severe health hazards and keeping human life healthy. It’s almost like: “One glass a day keeps the doctor away”.

It has fewer calories and fat content, which means it won’t hamper your hunger and you can still enjoy a full course meal after one full glass of wine.