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What is our mission?

We are hoping to ignite the same passion in others. Our mission is to provide informations to those who are interested to learn more about wine industry.

ladybird in natureWe named our site after a beautiful little insect called ladybird, because we see it as a metaphor for human aspiration and growth.

When ladybird lands on your finger, it will always climb to the top. When it eventually end up on top and cannot go anywhere else, it’ll spread its wings and fly away.

If it comes back, it climbs to the top and take off again… We hope that you’ll find a lot of valuable information on our website and, as a ladybird, jump from one area to another until you accumulate enough knowledge to become apprentice and eventually expert with regards to wine, its quality, storage, accessories, taste, recipes and all that it has to offer.

Why did we start another wine blog?

Holing red wine grapesWine is something that defines aristocracy. If you look closely, you may notice that there isn’t a festival, meal or time of the year that doesn’t synchronize with it. This is something that can enhance each and every moment of your life.

For a long time, I was struggling to understand why certain types of wine tasted the way they did and why could two bottles of same brand with seemingly same etiquette taste quite differently.

I didn’t even know the basics, but I fell in love with this heavenly drink and wanted to learn everything about it!

And as it always goes, I was learning new things at a very slow pace… Little by little, I was getting better and better. I started to taste wine differently and enjoying it more. Later, I found out where to buy a really good bottle for a very nice price and what temperatures are best for drinking.

Me and my best friend are both passionate cooks and we discovered that certain types of wine pair much better with certain types of food…

Eventually, we joined a community of people that were getting together every one or two weeks and they really helped us to learn the most about wine that we know today.

We decided to start this blog, because we want to spread and expand upon our knowledge, keep you and our friends informed about the latest news and tips and hopefully ignite the same passion for wine in others!