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Review Of Best Moscato Wine Brands

What is Moscato wine? It is a family of grapes and it includes over 200 varieties of grapes. All the various grape varieties fall in the Vitis vinifera species.

They have been used in the manufacture of wines, raisin and as table grapes for centuries now. The main colour varies of this wines are white, pink, yellow and near black.

The common characteristic of this wine and anything made from it is the sweet floral smell of this item. It has been estimated that these grapes are the oldest varieties of grapes found on this planet.

They are usually dark in colour due to the oxidation of these grapes with their aromatic notes.

What kind of wine it is?

In most cases, Moscato is a sweet, slightly bubbly, and completely white aromatic wine. They are made from the Muscat blanc grapes which are often referred to as the Moscato d’Asti.

These wines are mostly sweet, has a very low alcohol content and have a highly soothing and refreshing flavour. These make them very famous among all sections of the society, they are mostly used as dessert wines.

Their low fat and highly low alcoholic content make them just the perfect item to finish your meals, without having to feel even a bit of uneasiness.

Is Moscato a real wine?

Moscato wines are famous all over the world for their sweet and refreshing flavours of peach, orange blossom and nectarine.

They are no doubt wines as they are made from the fermentation of grapes and have a sweet hypnotising flavour.

The alcohol content of this drink is quite low, which doesn’t make it a drink it a hard-core wine, in a better way, they can be said to be Desert Wines. So, we can say without any doubt that Moscato is a real wine.

Main Varieties

Although the Moscato Wines are available in in various flavours, their main varieties are quite limited. If we conduct an extensive study, then we will see that Moscat wines are available in three main varieties:

Sparkling Moscato d’Asti (the most common variety)

This wine is made from Muscat Blanc. The most common place of this style is Italy and is commonly known as Moscato d’Asti. The wine is sweet, bubbly and has a very fresh aromatic taste. The grapes from which this wine is made is known as the Muscat Blanc grapes.

Still Moscato

A unique character of this wine is its beautiful white colour. In terms of manufacture, these wines are made from either Muscat Blanc or Zibibbo grape. This style is comparatively less common in terms of availability but some good examples of this wine have very low alcohol content.

Dessert Moscato

This wine is made from Moscatel. The specific style of this wine is most commonly found in the south of France, US, Spain and Australia. The Moscatel is also known as the Orange Muscat. This wine has a very dense and oily structure along with tawny colour. For this Moscat, oak ageing is a common factor.

Is a Moscato a dessert wine?

Moscato wines are mostly known for their extremely low alcohol content (5-7% ABV). They also have a very refreshing and sweet flavour. All these characteristics perfectly add up to make a drink that will act as the perfect option for you to finish your meals with. But on the other hand, you can never say that a Muscato is “just a dessert wine”. This wine has a flavour that doesn’t allow it to remain bound by any specific barrier. It isn’t the world’s best selling wine for nothing.

Moscato wine brand list (10 top brands)

Due to the present demand of the Moscato wines, it is now being made by many companies all over the world. But not many can supply you with the perfect and the original taste of Moscato Wines. So in this portion, we have shortlisted the top Moscato wine brands all over the world. They are the best picks for almost all the top restaurants and bars. So let’s get into the list of the top ten Moscato brands.


10 Best Moscato Wines

In the previous section, we discussed the 10 best brands of the Moscato Wine, but all the Moscatos created by one single brand can’t have that same rich texture and refreshing aromatic smell. So we looked through all the offerings made by these brands and picked the 10 top wines from all the companies. They have the most superior texture and the best in class aromatic odour. Let’s start:

  • I. Quinta Nova Pomares Moscatel 2014, Portugal
  • II. Stella Rosa Platinum, Italy
  • III. Brooks Terue Dry Muscat 2010, Oregon
  • IV. Torres Viña Esmeralda 2014, Spain
  • V. Ruffino Moscatod’Asti 2014, Italy
  • VI. Zind-Humbrecht Muscat 2013, France
  • VII. Don Rodolfo Moscato 2015, Argentina
  • VIII. Jaboulet Beaumes de Venise Muscat 2012, France
  • IX. Rosatello Moscato, Italy
  • X. Caposaldo Sparkling Peach Moscato, Italy

These 10 Moscatos are the top sellers at present on an international basis. They have just the perfect proportions of colour, texture and taste. I would really recommend you guys to go ahead and give anyone of this a try.

Most expensive Moscato wine

When the discussion goes on about something, it is a very common matter to discuss the most expensive thing in that category. The discussion remains incomplete without that thing. So, let’s take a look into the most expensive Moscato:

Ca’ d’Gal Vigna Vecchia, Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Italy

This is the most expensive Moscato. The story of this wine goes back to the year 2005. Back then, only 1000 bottles of this wine were produced. The immediate response from lovers all over the world was so huge that the production began on a rapid scale. Since then, the company didn’t look back and they went forward to become the most expensive Moscato on this planet. The company has made quite a name in the international wine market. This particular Moscato is consumed by the most superior classes of the society. So, the texture, flavour and the colour of this drink is beyond perfect. Every wine lover on this planet wishes to drink this wine at least once in his entire life.

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