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Best Wine Aerator And Decanter Reviews For 2017

Wine Aerators

aerator attached to a bottleYou’ve probably heard people saying, “let the wine breathe”, and no, it’s not just some pretentious thing they say, it actually makes a difference. Opening up a wine and exposing it to air is known as aeration and it is enhanced by swirling the wine around a bit.

The whole point of aerating a wine is to oxidize it for a better flavor profile. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines include a lot of different chemical compounds where some are volatile, like Ethanol (which also has a strong smell) and some are more stable.

When you aerate a wine, the more volatile compounds usually evaporate, leaving behind the more flavorful and aromatic ones, making for a more enjoyable experience.

What wine aerators do is make the process much faster and efficient by maximizing your wine’s contact with air. Some aerators are attached to the bottle’s mouth while others are placed over your glass as you pour the wine.

Wine Decanters

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