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Best Wine Cooler Reviews For 2017

When learning about wine and enjoying its qualities, you may discover that there are other things that will take your experience to another level. One of those things are cooling devices, mostly called coolers, but also refrigerators and fridges. If you have an interest in wine, we are sure that investment in the right cooler will be very satisfying and worthwhile investment. It may be really difficult to decide from vast array of models that are being presented on the market today.

We consider ourselves a passionate wine lovers and we used many different models over the past few years. We made some good choices, but also few mistakes and in this article, you will find many informations not only on the basic types, popular brands, its advantages and where to place them, but also very valuable tips on what you should avoid and how to identify potential pitfalls.

Although the best choice depends on what you’re looking for, we genuinely hope you will find the article helpful and that it will ease your decision to pick the best choice for you based on our honest advices. We combined our experience with an extensive research and are ready to share and pick the best models that are nowadays on the market.

1. Wine Coolers

Storing your wines in the fridge is not the best idea due to several reasons and if you’re serious about your wine collection, you will need a dedicated wine cooler.

To save you some time reading through the article, we just list the top 3 wine coolers of 2017 below so that you can click on them to find out more:

Two types of wine cooler next to each other

Kitchen refrigerator vs wine refrigerator

The problem with cooling wines conventionally is that red and white wines need different temperature settings and you can’t have them get too cold or too warm. The ideal temperature for storing wines is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit (≈13°C), which prevents them for aging very fast. However, 55 degrees Fahrenheit is a bit cold for red wines to be served at and a bit too warm for white types, which brings us to why you need a dedicated wine refrigerator, even if you’re storing non-alcoholic wines.

Bottle in fridge compartmentWine coolers are specifically designed to create an ideal environment for wine. They keep the wine at the right temperature and ensure the right humidity level. To keep a wine cork moist, it needs to be in an environment of around 57% of humidity. As you might know, standard kitchen refrigerators are designed to keep the humidity level at zero. That is a problem, because as the cork dries, it begins to shrink and as a result of that, more air will seep into the wine. What follows is unwanted oxidation and loose of wine quality.

That brings us to a general rule of thumb, which is that you should never keep your wine bottles in the fridge for more than 4 weeks simply because those devices are not designed for a bottle of wine, but instead to keep the food fresh.

Two basic types

As you can see from the picture above, there are two basic of refrigerators – single zone (the one on the right) and dual zone (the one on the left). As the names suggest, single zone models only have one compartment, while dual zone ones have two.

So what are the advantages of each type? Single zone model is good if you’re a new collector or just have a preference for red or white wines. If you’re looking to store both reds and whites though, you’ll need a dual zone cooler with two different temperature zone settings for each of them separately.

Also, each compartment can be set at specific temperature as per your requirements and that gives you more control. You can also choose whether you want to store wines for long or prepare them to be served soon.

There is of course much more to it than this. We have a whole section dedicated to reviews of best wine coolers available on the market today. Section goes much deeper into details and is designed to help you pick the right choice for you.

What is Wine Cooler?

Simply put, as you might expect, it’s a device used to chill wine to a preferred temperature. They are compact and can be placed anywhere and that is one of the main reasons why they are gaining more and more popularity especially among people who are living in small and/or limited spaces.

Except the obvious benefit of being sure that fine bottle of wine is always available at the fingertips of its owner, when we compare wine cooler with regular refrigerators and wine cellars, we discover that they have a number of other benefits.

Features and Benefits of Wine Coolers

Better for Regular Use

For beginners, a wine cooler is capable of creating the most suitable conditions for wine storage as compared to refrigerators. A refrigerator can just create a very cold environment for a wine bottle to be kept appropriately. Wine cellar, on the other hand, has suitable conditions for wine bottles that will be stored or preserved for five years, or maybe for a decade or two.

A wine cooler has certain advantages over refrigerators and wine cellar. The cooling conditions of wine coolers are ideal for all kinds of wine. Wine cellars maintain the perfect stability, humidity control, exclusiveness, and temperature. All these make the wine cooler a better choice than refrigerators and wine cellars.

Wine Coolers are Economic

Compared to refrigerators and wine cellars, wine coolers are less expensive. Wine coolers come with an equipment that is specifically designed only to keep wine bottles cool, therefore, wine coolers have lesser adaptability & as a result, the cost of production or manufacturing of wine coolers are comparatively lower. Wine cellars and refrigerators are larger than wine coolers and a customer has to pay for their adaptability functions, capacity, and size. Although wine coolers are designed only to cool wine bottles, it can also have other uses as well, making it more reasonable.

Low Maintenance

The wine coolers are inexpensive and at the same time, they also come with a very low cost maintenance plan. Wine coolers have a comparatively simpler mechanism that helps them to function and they do not need parts that are very expensive. In addition to this, the individual components inside wine coolers are also cost-effective and for this reason, the wine coolers are economic compared to wine cellars and refrigerators. The size is also an important factor that plays a role in determining the price of a commodity. The wine coolers are compact in size and therefore, are easy on your pocket and maintenance.

A Reasonable Option

Wine coolers are cost-effective and come with the benefits of both refrigerators and wine cellars. When you combine these two factors, wine coolers prove to be a more reasonable medium. In addition to this, when you take the price of wine cellars into consideration, you will realize that wine coolers are a better option compared to refrigerators and wine cellars. Although, some may say that considering the multiple benefits of refrigerators, a refrigerator is a better option. But when it comes to keeping wine bottles, refrigerators sometimes spoil the wine, which proves to be costlier in long run. Wine coolers are an ideal middle way that gets you desirable results when it comes to preserving wine bottles.

Environment Friendly

A wine cooler is actually eco-friendly. Wine coolers use the thermoelectric medium for cooling, which is a better alternative compared to compressor based cooling. This feature helps in saving valuable energy, which helps in preserving the environment. Wine coolers produce zero harmful emissions and use no dangerous chemical to cool. Instead, wine coolers use one metal rod that exchanges heat between outside environment and internal chamber. This feature makes the wine coolers an eco-friendly option compared to other alternatives that are available in the market presently.


Wine coolers are portable and compact compared to wine cellars and refrigerators. This feature offers a great benefit to its users who would like to carry wine to business meetings or journeys or to a social gathering. The wine coolers come in smaller sizes and that helps the user to carry and install it anywhere.


Wine coolers also offer adequate space for wine storage. The wine coolers come with specially shaped trays that can store a good number of wine bottles. The trays are designed especially so that they can hold wine bottles.

Alternative Uses

Wine cellars are made solely to store & preserve wine and refrigerators are designed for multiple functions & can spoil the wine. Wine coolers, on the other hand, can have alternative uses other than keeping wine bottles. You can keep other beverages such as plain water, soda water, lemonade, iced tea, or any non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages inside wine coolers. In addition to this, you can also keep food items as well inside the wine cooler while traveling because you cannot carry a refrigerator with you while traveling.

3 Best Brands of Wine Coolers

There are basically three types of wine coolers, namely, single zone coolers, dual zone coolers, and built-in coolers. If you are about to purchase a wine cooler for the first time, you should go for the single zone coolers. They are economical and offer sufficient space for beginners. If you are looking for the best wine cooler then you can consider one from the following three wine coolers.

Avanti EWC1021 Wine Cooler

This is a single zone wine cooler that can hold twelve bottles. This wine cooler comes with a slim and tall design. You can monitor its internal temperature and at the same time, the temperature can be adjusted easily.

Koldfront 18 Freestanding Cooler

This is a dual zone cooler that can hold eighteen wine bottles. This cooler comes with a high-tech design and low noise cooling system with an LCD display that will help you keep an eye on the temperature.

Kalamera 30-Bottle

This is probably the best built-in wine cooler, which comes with a powerful system of air circulation and a compact design.

The basic differences between wine coolers and wine cellars & refrigerators are the price, portability, and the design and wine coolers beat them in all these factors. Wine coolers are the ideal cooling system for wine bottles. They are economical, compact, and portable. They can be a lovely addition to your drawing room or your office.


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