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Best Wine Bottle Opener Reviews For 2017

Wine Openers

Woman with bottle in one hand and opener in anotherYou can’t really enjoy wine if you struggle to open the bottle. Opener is the first tool you need and if you are a real wine lover, you need to master this area. You want the process of opening to be as smooth and effective as possible. There has been many hobbyists over the past few years, trying to invent all sorts of tools. Several different types of openers have been available over the years and we included some basic informations about the most useful ones.

If you want to save some time reading through this section, you can see the top 3 wine openers of 2017 below so that you can click on them and find out more:

Basic corkscrews

basic type of corkscrew with the wooden handleWe’ve all seen and possibly used basic corkscrews at some point. It’s nothing remarkable to look at, but it gets the job done, provided you don’t mind using some force to get the cork out. Corkscrews are still in use by wine aficionados who like to keep things simple.


Waiter’s corkscrew (also called wine key)

"wine key" - corkscrewUsed by waiters mainly because they are fast and efficient, waiter’s corkscrews come in a design similar to pocket knives and have extra support for easily removing the cork and a small knife to cut the foil around the wine bottle’s neck.

Winged corkscrews

winged corkscrewRelatively easier to use, winged corkscrews literally have two levers, looking like wings, on the sides, which are raised as you screw the cork. Then when you push the levers down, the movement pulls the cork out of the bottle.

Lever corkscrews

lever corkscrewGood for beginners, a lever corkscrew has handles to keep the bottle in a good grip while the screw is inserted into the cork. After wards you simply squeeze the lever to remove the cork from the bottle.

Air Pressure Wine Openers

air pressure openerThese work using air pressure, as the name suggests. Instead of a screw being inserted in the cork, these openers have a needle which pumps CO2 into the bottle, thus raising the air pressure inside it and forcing the cork out.

Electric wine openers

electric wine openerThese basically automate the job and are good for people who don’t want to use a lot of force or are responsible for opening a lot of wine bottles at an event. The screw is inserted into the cork with the press of a button and then the cork is pulled out automatically as well.

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