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Does Red Wine Go Bad? How Long Does It Last?

Red wine is produced from dark coloured whole grape fruits when they are crushed and fermented. The variety of red wine usually comes in form of tastes and colours. Some of these include Shiraz,Zinfander, Merlot, and Pinot noir. Mostly its alcoholic content is in the range of 12 to 15 percent.

Over the years, people have argued over the health benefit and exactly how much of it should be consumed if at all it should be. However, studies show that when one consumes a moderate quantity of the coveted drink, the risks of many diseases—most notably, heart disease—are lowered. Of course, a bold line exists between the sensible moderate intake and its excessive intake.

Another concern that has long been raised is about the longetivity of the product. Does it last longer opened or unopened? Exactly how long does it last when it has been opened? Are you supposed to guzzle down all the content once you have opened it? How do you know if it has become corked? Consumers of red wine probably have plenty more of these questions, but let us look at these:

An Open Bottle Of Red Wine Will Likely Spoil By Daybreak

Leaving your wine bottle open will make it get spoilt faster than it should, mostly because of oxidation. Instead of leaving your bottle open for hours on your table, develop a wine-saving habit of recorking it right back after taking all the gulps and sips you want from it. Not only will this keep it fresher, but it will also slow oxidation which spoils good red wine. If you find it difficult to push the cork back in, then you should have plenty extra corks handy. However, if you do not, you can make use of a rubber band and saran wrap to preserve the life of the substance. If your bottle of wine stays open all through the night, chances are that it has spoiled. But you might want to be sure, so smell it and taste it as well

How About Unopened Red Wine?

What you would like to know is how long you can keep that bottle of red wine you just got and which you are not in a hurry to drink. Well, you are in luck. The drink can last for many years if it remains unopened and if it is properly stored. In fact, most of them get better with age and develop more nutritious quality as well. Storing it for long so it can become better is a practise known as ‘aging the wine’. Many wine connoisseurs are of the belief that if the drink is stored for long it develops its full flavour and aroma. So do not be in a hurry to gulp everything down. As long as it remains unopened, it will last long and actually become better with time.

How To Identify Wine That Is Corked

Red wine becomes cork when it is contaminated with cork taint, which brings a different and distinctive smell and taste to it. Usually, only about 5 percent of original corks cause this contamination. This is not harmful, healthwise anyway, but it does ruin the taste and experience drinking from your precious bottle would have given you.

When the precious substance is corked, it give off a smell that is akin to a dark mouldy basement or a wet dog. The taste is flat and dull without the characteristic fruit taste that comes with red wine. This is not harmful to your health, but who would want to drink that?

How You Can Tell When Your Wine Goes Bad

This can be done in three different ways; by looking at it, by smelling it, or by tasting it.

If the cork seem to have been pushed slightly away from the bottle, it is a sign of overheating which usually happens when the product is being shipped in large quantity and sometimes at home when it is exposed to heat and not properly stored. Also when the colour of the wine turns from being bright to a dull brown shade, you should know that something is definitely amiss. However you can take the second step by sniffing the drink. If it smells like vinegar, you should know that the wine has been exposed for too long. A wet newspaper smell means it has been corked and has gone bad.

When you taste vinegar from drinking it, then you probably have to abandon it because it has become oxidized. A fizzy taste means it has undergone a second fermentation and you will be taking yourself through a lot of trouble gulping it down. A flat taste means that it has been corked. Now you would not want to drink that.

Is It Unhealthy Drinking Bad Wine?

Maybe you do not like waste or you have a sentimental attachment to your bottle of wine which has unfortunately gone bad, so you are wondering if it would affect your health drinking from that bottle of nicely spoilt, precious commodity. Well, here is an end to all your wondering: it will not kill you. A different matter altogether is if you will enjoy drinking it because the taste would probably have changed leaving it with a flat, fizzy or vinegar taste. There is no knowing how your taste buds will react to the taste, so you just have to drink it. Maybe you will like the taste or merely tolerate it, but the most important thing is that it will not harm you.

Nevertheless, it is important to safely store  your wine. I will not be drinking any that has gone bad if I were you, as I like the fruity taste I get from the good one. There is need to properly store even the ones that you have already started drinking if you are a person of good tastes and of course smell, haha. Alright then, you can go ahead and pop that cork off your wine bottle.