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Review Of Ullo Wine Purifier – Sulfite Removal Device

wine purifierAll wines have added preservatives. Most of them are sulfites which prevent pre-mature aging and oxidation. However, once you open the bottle, you don’t need the sulfites in the drink, and they do impact the flavor if not removed.

Purifiers are, therefore, meant to remove sulfites before you drink, giving you a pure and more pleasurable experience.

The principle behind wine purification is chemical in nature. Most purifiers use a sieve that is made using a compound that attracts sulfites and binds with them, leaving your final drink cleaner.

Purifiers are usually placed on the top of the glass. You can also see them being used on bottles when filtering larger quantities.

You may drink the same wine yet experiencing different taste or having a different after taste. This may depend on the purity level of your drink. Therefore, the experience that you have when drinking your glass can be significantly improved by using purifiers.

Why does my wine need purifying?

Wine production is a complex chemical process that requires various additives to deliver the result that enthusiasts enjoy.

We recommend to read this great article on Wired.com. Basically, there are at least hundreds of thousands of wine drinkers that are allergic to sulfites. If the drink is not purified before drinking, people who are allergic can get terrible headaches, bloating, rashes, asthma or even seizures.

One of the primary challenges in the making process is the microbial contamination. It is being closely observed at the fermentation process.

purifier detailpurifier detailpurifier detailFermentation process is responsible for the conversion fructose from grapes into ethyl alcohol.

The process is delicate with the primary agent being anaerobic yeast that is responsible for the alcoholic fermentation. However, the possibility of other microorganisms competing for the same fructose that is used up in the process is high.

The involvement of additional microorganisms results to possible alteration of the fermentation process.

Sulfites have proven to be the most effective way that is pursued by wineries to eradicate the alteration of the fermentation process. They are therefore added to prevent the alteration of the fermentation process as it actions as a preservative.

However, after the wine has been bottled and is ready for drinking, sulfur compounds are no longer needed as they can alter the taste and feel of the drink. Moreover, they bring into the wine undesired effects when consumed.

Sulfites are impurities that should be removed. They are the main causes of bloating and gastric issues and some people can be allergic to them. They are removed by the process called purification. You can buy a purifier to make your drink healthier, cleaner and better tasting.

Things to consider before buying a purifier

Like any other process, the quality of purifying depends on the tools that are being used during the process. The issue with sulfites is a much more deeper problem than it may appear. A deeper understanding of the process might be useful when making the right decision to buy wine purifier.

contains sulfites label

As already discussed, sulfur compounds exist in the wine quite naturally. Naturaly occurring sulfites are of no concern here, because they appear in a very small volume and rarely cause any problems. Also, decanting process often naturally oxidises sulfur compounds with no collateral effects.

This situation is confirmed by the presence of sulfites in many other foods especially dry fruits and raisins that have no adverse effects on the users. The problem arises out of the added sulfites.

Industrial sulfites appear in a drink after wineries add sulfur dioxide into the process as a preservative. Under these circumstances, the existing sulfites destroy thiamine which is a type of vitamin B.

Some people may suffer from allergies and in some cases they react with cortisone medication. Under these circumstances, the removal of the impurities is encouraged.

You should consider the effectiveness of the purifier in removing the impurities from the wine. The rigor of the purification process is also an aspect that one should consider when purchasing purifier.

What Is Ullo Wine Purifier?

Ullo Purifier is a system, which is designed to solve the problem of high amount of sulfur compounds in a drink. It is a revolutionary system that brings the wine back to its natural taste by filtering off the sulfites that drink contains from the making process.

It is the product of James Kornacki, who holds a doctorate in Chemistry that solves the problem through a selective sulfite capture.

Ullo purifier approaches the problem by using a special filter that selects and captures sulfur dioxide. At the same time, it is ensured that the other compounds that give the wine its desired taste remain within the drink. The organoleptic properties are therefore improved with its removal.

Ullo works by filtering the wine as it is poured on the glass. It has an aerator at the bottom, but you can twist if off, allowing you to pour the drink without aerating it.

How does Ullo work?

how does it workUllo purifier removes sulfur compounds and sediments, which are no longer needed once we open the bottle. It plays the critical role of selecting the sulfur compounds from the drink and enclosing them in an encapsulated polymer filter that captures them. As you can see on the image on the left, its design is very simple.

Ullo has a triple system made of three distinct components that work together. The cup, the filter, and the aerator play this central role through a combined effort.

First, wine is being poured into the plastic cup (1). It is made of stainless silicone that is strain resistant making it easy to clean. Moreover, its design facilitates pouring of the wine. If there is one thing that you don’t need to worry about is whether the Ullo you have will match your glass.

Second (2), it goes through porous filter that is made of grade polymer. how does it workThe main feature of Ullo is its removal of sulfites and sediments in a purely selective (chemical) process. Ensuring that these are the only ingredients of the wine that are filtered out maintains the authenticity of the drink. After capturing sulfites and it goes through an aerator.

Lastly (3), purified drink is falling down into the glass. Bottom part is transparent and is designed to fit on top of many different wine glasses. Also, you can turn the aerator off by a simple twist, should you prefer your drink not to be aerated.

Ullo comes in a stylish design that not only makes it suitable for use but also makes it appealing to the eye.

Getting rid of hangover and headaches?

There is no conclusive evidence that you get headaches or hangovers because of the sulfites that are available in your wine. Although the common perception has been that sulfur compounds are a major cause of headaches, the direct link between the two has not yet been scientifically proven.

On the other hand, Ullo removes the sulfur compounds and may be therefore effective in eliminating headaches of people who are already allergic to sulfur.